Wonderful Week in the VA World – A Virtual Assistant’s Life



It’s been a wonderful week in the VA world.  Even though my workload looks like the picture, it is how I feel rewarded.  Let me explain.  A workload like that means that I am needed.  Being needed is one of the things that makes us feel valuable.  It is the reward that a VA reaps from doing excellent work and accepting nothing less.  When my board gets empty, it feels lonely.  I feel like I’ve done something wrong somewhere to someone.  It is those times that I have to use external motivation to usher in my self-confidence and count my blessings.

You know what I am talking about.  You’ve had a bad day, a bad time, a bad mombaddayent that haunts you when  you start your pity party, your self-doubting.  It’s times like that that you have to find faith in nothing tangible, nothing huggable, nobody listening, or no one to notice.  It is the time to hug yourself, remember your talents, strengths and good deeds.  Turn on your Pandora and sang love songs to yourself, like no body hears you.

Yes, I said it was a wonderful week but it didn’t start out that way.  I created a goal for myself to loose 1 pound a week.  When I got on the scale at the beginning of the week, I had gained the three pounds back that I lost.  I was so disappointed because it took me three weeks to loose them but one week to gain them.  I was disappointed because I knew that I did some things during the last week that I should not have.  I ate wrong, no exercise except three runs.  I knew I had my Black Girls Run graduation coming up but I still sabotaged myself with candy, cookies, and sugar.cookies

Then I took my measurements.  I had lost 3.5 inches off of my waist and gained some muscle.  It wasn’t all bad after all.  I then wanted to blame the weight gain on building muscle..really.  I had gained fat, also.  I decided that I did good for three weeks and messed up for one.  All I have to do next time is NOT mess up a whole week.  That’s my game plan, lol.

So you see, I am happy.  I did graduate as a Black Girl Run.  I did get another client.  That makes five clients in 2 months. Fabulous.  Happiness is relative.  Hopefully, God willing and the creek don’t rise” I will have another three weeks to make up for the one week plus more.

Here is your homework…..count your fabulousness and share it with the world.  It’s what the world needs now.