The Weather Is An Indication

The weather is an indication of a time to wind down business and get ready for the tax season.
That is not what we Entrepreneurs are really going to do, though. We are going to “network.”  Isn’t this what we call partying with our business associates? It’s the holiday season and we will take full advantage of this time, as an excuse to take a break from business and worry about the taxes after the New Year’s party…right? Right!
If you are like me, I have made my reservations, loaded the truck, and am picking up desert on the way.  A few days with family, friends, and the ocean is going to be wonderful. Good company and good food.
It’s turkey time.  I can’t wait to get to the ham and macaroni and cheese.
My mother loves fruit cake. I am not a fan of fruit cake, but you had better hide the sweet potato pie….ummmm. Topped with some whip cream and a glass of egg nog, I am looking for the recliner and remote control afterwards.
Yes, we must not negate our responsibilities, but work/life balance is a must.
Enjoy your holidays and get as much love as you can. It looks like its going to be a cold winter and so gather up the warmth, to save for later.  Boy, do I wish that was possible.
If I do not see you before or during the holidays, please be safe and have a wonderful holiday.