Vismaya Rubin, The Gratitude Gangsta

Michelle Vismaya Rubin is the founder of the Living in GRATITUDE Today Movement, teacher, speaker, best selling author but her favorite role is that of a GRATITUDE Gangsta.

When I first started the Living in GRATITUDE Today Movement, I felt like a fraud when I got upset or had a breakdown. It was challenging. I soon learned that practicing GRATITUDE didn’t mean that life was perfect, it meant that I was able to quickly find the perfect moments in imperfect times.

WPN – A GRATITUDE Gangsta (GG) is a person skilled in the art of appreciation, who lives life fully and finds magic even in life’s challenges. A GRATITUDE Gangsta knows that gratitude is the fastest path to love, joy, and prosperity.

You can find out how to live in gratitude by going to It will help stifle the mental chaos.  Until next time…create habits and outstanding success right here on CHAOS.

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