Virtual Assistant vs Marketing Assistant

I know, I know…it’s hard to tell the difference.  OK, let me help you out.

If you worked in a large corporation what would you ask the admin to do…make phone calls to someone you know, been introduced to, or have some familiarity about (warm calls), greet clients, type a document, research a subject (person, place or thing), enter data into a database, query information, schedule travel, schedule appointments, etc.


If you needed to market your business you would go to the marketing department and talk to the marketing manager to have a logo developed, create a website, build your brand, social media pages, interaction, etc.

While I am on a roll, let’s talk about human resources department.  If you need to hire or fire, you would go to your human resources’ manager.  If benefits or payroll need to be put in place, your employees need to be trained or your employees have questions or need support, you go to the human resources department.

These are just some of the examples of differences in what a virtual assistant does and what other managers assist with.  Many times, I am asked to do marketing and sales and human resources, as a virtual assistant.  Grant you, we end up having vast experience in most areas, but the pay is very different for each category:

I love to make grunge work a backstage event for solo entrepreneurs.  When you can afford to hire or pay more, it is time to invest in a team.  Your virtual assistant can be part of that team, but a virtual assistant cannot be the whole team for virtual assistant pay.  When your virtual assistant hires a team to support you, the price goes up!  IJS