Life is truly unbalanced, now-a-days. Business is busy and makes life even unbalanced. How do we keep them balanced? We don’t.  We learn to thrive in chaos, and enjoy the lull time.
My unbalanced world
Ups, Downs, Ins, and Outs, life is unbalanced
It would be nice if our lives were equal. If you are like me, my life looks like the picture above, unevenly sliced, with ups and downs. So why do we try to balance our lives, when it is obvious that life is not balanced. Why do we work so hard to do something that may not even matter?
I live an unbalanced life. I prefer to concentrate on what is meaningful. I concentrate on giving and sharing. My top priority is on taking good care of myself, so that I can do even more giving and sharing.
Is life balance important to you? Why or why not? What is your preference?