I Missed the WPN Un-conference. How, When I Was There?

I Missed The Un-conference. How, When I Was There?

I am sitting here thinking about the last weekend’s Women’s Prosperity Network’s Un-conference. For me, it was three days of frenzy. There were lots of remarkable female entrepreneurs. I did not network as much as I should have and I wondered why.

There was so much information being shared. There were so many opportunities to share. The entertainment was abundant. All and all the un-conference was great. It was me that was not all together.

I had not been to a three-day conference since I hosted “Design Your Life” with Cornelia Shipley, March 2013. I volunteered so that I could learn the inside workings of holding a three-day event. I throughly enjoyed it. It was not disjointed at all during that conference. So what was the issue with the Un-conference. Again, I attest that it was me.

I have been behind the scenes so long that I have to learn to be IN the population. The majority of my career has been either virtual or behind the scenes. I even got jealous at the Un-conference because so many people were helping and I wasn’t.

I now understand that I have some growing to do, in order to fulfill my purpose. If I am going to be an international speaker, then I must get out and about. I must be IN the population, not behind them. How else are people going to get to know me?

The other thing I learned was not to take or invite non-business company. My priorities were split between having company and trying to create a vacation out of it. I went with no intentions of growing my business. I did not prepare before I went to the conference. I was given information to prepare. I did not understand how important it was to apply it. I now understand that I must prioritize my take aways.

I thought I really missed an opportunity to get a really great education. I was wrong. I got a great lesson of how important it is to be engaged and involved. That’s what being around so many women with the desire to be successful will do. It reassured me that I too can be out there doing the damn thing.

Here is my list for the next conference:

1. I will not have non-business company,
2. I will prioritize my take-aways, and
3. I will engage.

Needless to say, I cannot wait until Level Up.

Thank you, WPN Founders, Nancy Matthews, Susan Wiener, and Trish Carr, for a fabulous opportunity. See you soon.

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