The True Love of Business

When you find yourself in Office Depot just wandering around because you have some free time, you know you love all things business.


Once upon a time there was this young girl that yearned to fill a void. She tried marriage, children, and corporate america. It seemed nothing fulfilled her until she found entrepreneurship. It was the fuel that drove her to get up in the morning. It was the dream that put her to bed at night. Sometimes it was the nightmare that woke her in the middle of the night.


That young lady soon realized that after many years of fulfilling other people’s dreams that her dream was just that…..fulfilling other people’s dreams! She gravitated to the people who dreamed the most, who dreamed often, who dreamed the biggest. Her life became full of dreamers who were frustrated with a soul desire to have their hobby make them money, then it clicked…..she could one by one help them turn their hobby into money making businesses.

She learned how to create strategies with a single brainstorm. She learned to leaped over tall obstacles. She was not a bird, nor a plane. She was a Virtual Assistant!

Now she is the Chief Fortitude Officer (CFO) of SWF Consulting. A firm that provides virtual assistance, bookkeeping, tax preparation and business brainstorming.


That young lady has over 3 decades of experience bridging the administration gap of solo-entrepreneurs who are experiencing the challenge of growing their business to the next level. Each day is a different triump for her and her clients. Stay tuned for “A Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant,” stories that will delight you, as well as empower you, right here on “The True Love of Business” blog.

Terrilynn Phillips

SWF Consulting, Inc.
Fortitude: Courage in Adversity