These testimonials are from past or present clients.  Please do not hesitate to contact them for further information.

Terri’s coaching has made a significant difference in my leadership development. Her process is great at keeping me focused. Working with Terri to assess where things are, and what to do to improve both personally and professionally is a HUGH value.    – Cynthia Phillips, Transformation Coach of Absolute Body Symmetry

Terri Holley has coached me to have self-worth and fortitude in life and business.  I now have the non-profit of my dreams.  Terri has helped me through the process of establishing and marketing it.  I have now had my first successful fundraiser. Robyn A. Christian, Founder of Anetrice House, LLC

Terri’s experience and professionalism have accelerated my business with principals I continue to utilize on a daily basis. I highly recommend her as someone you can trust to make hard decisions and push you to stretch to that next level.  – Kaz Artis, Owner of Zion Images

I struggled with the idea of having my own plant business.  Terri came to Florida and walked me through the process of establishing my business.  I had four customers in two days.  Terri’s consulting has given me the extra income I need to purchase my own home.  – Lois Bollin, Plant Services,

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Cinderfellas Cleaning

I (owner) hired Terri back in July of 2016. I found out about her through a referral from another company that hired her. From the amazing things that I was hearing, I just had to find out myself about her and her associates. From the time that Terri gave me a free consultation to having her on board, my staff and I have been blown away by her skills and assets, as well as those of her associates. She is very detailed, professional, and organized. The thing I love the most is that she is not afraid to ask questions about things she doesn’t know and also she isn’t afraid to get confirmation about things in question. All of our clients love her and have developed a great positive rapport with her. Since bringing her on as our Administrative Assistant, she has also taken on the role of Bookkeeping effortlessly! To top it off, as a small business owner SHE’S AFFORDABLE! If you are looking for someone to care about your business and take pride in their professional performance as if it’s their own, Terri Lynn Phillips is the one for you! We sincerely wouldn’t have it any other way.

Carlton Brown

I have been working with Terri for several years now. We started when my company resembled a Ma & Pa size operation, and she has provided support that has allowed me to hand off many aspects of my business to her and see the company grow 150 percent over the past two years. Terri is probably the most efficient person that I have ever met. She takes her job seriously, and her customer service is unbelievable. I receive so many compliments from my clients who interact with her as to how professional and thorough she is. It took me a minute to be able to delegate my projects and workload to her, but she has not skipped a beat, and there has never been a challenge that she has not been able to overcome and conquer. I owe much of my success to this wonderful woman and her team. If you are reading this review, don’t get any crazy ideas….she is mine forever, and I will only share her just a little bit.

Tranquility Touch

I only rate her five stars because I didn’t have enough stars to go higher. TH & Associate has made my life easier. Love the excellent customer service, Prompt turn around on items to do & diverse ways to submit work to her to complete. As a very active Massage Therapist, I’m in need and use her every day. Thank you a million, I enjoy my continued use of my Virtual Assistant.

Tracy Y Washington

Terri is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of marketing and sales funnels, social media management, research and just everything else you would expect in an assistant. She is a great thinking-partner too and helped me think through some challenges I faced in my business. She is extremely affordable and highly skilled in the latest technology. I HIGHLY recommend her.

Lois Bollin

Terri and I go back a long way. I remember her helping me when I became an Amway agent and later when I became a real estate professional. She did some of the things that I didn’t have time to do and many that I didn’t know how to do such as designing business cards setting up files bookkeeping items for tax preparation making phone calls setting up my database sending out letters and cards. In the many years that I have known her, she has connected my gadgets, repaired my gadgets, programmed my gadgets, and told me how to use them. She has even ordered many things that I needed, to complete my profile. Recently she came to my town 5 hours away from her’s to set up my business in plant services. She oriented me to the kind of client I might consider, she prepared my business cards and instructed me on the proper price range, for my business. All these things worked for me.

Terri is patient, energetic, punctual, knowledgeable, congenial, a good speaker, a good planner, and a good programmer.

Claudia’s Universe

Terri Lynn Phillips is an amazing, awe-inspiring and resourceful powerhouse to know and to have in your corner. There is nothing that she cannot do or make suggestions for or point you in the right direction. She is an action-oriented individual who excels at connecting, networking, organizing, influencing, encouraging and troubleshooting. In lieu of a team, one woman can be called upon to take on a task from the monumental to the minuscule, and that woman is Mrs. Terri L. Phillips.

Cynthia Phillips

Terri is an invaluable asset and an excellent admin. Use her when you need to get those extra ads, letters or daily phone calls done on time.   If you find you need a level of business expertise beyond your own abilities, Terri will ensure that you get the right people to support you.

Aerobics Delivered

Terri is detailed beyond comparison! She is a great resource for those who are overworked and in need of professional assistance. She is very reliable and completes assignments in an expeditious fashion! I highly recommend her services!

Dr. Davette Harvey

Terri assisted me with growing my small business big! Terri assisted my business operations when it was a private coaching/consulting practice and when it grew to become The Global Institute of Enterprise Development. I highly recommend her services.

Anetrice House LLC

Terri has been my life coach for 20 years. My life and my career, has grown so much since I’ve had Terri keeping me on task. I don’t know where my business would be without her patience and guidance.

Josue Andino

Incredible experience!!!!

Service-professional-on time!!! All done at a great price.