Terri Holley, Coach, Teacher, Speaker, Author

Automation Expert, Bookkeeper, Business Consultant, and Virtual Assistant. Chat with Terrilynn to find out more: https://letsmeet.io/terrilynnphillips/chat-with-terrilynn 

TerriLynn Phillips has been serving Entrepreneurs for over 40 years.  Check out her testimonials.

Single Parent

When TerriLynn suddenly lost her husband she had to thrive as a single parent; she learned survival and coping skills.  She successfully raised her three children and achieved business success, at the same time.   TerriLynn coaches from this experience.

Career Student

TerriLynn is a Master Certified Life Coach and MBA Consultant.  She is one of the first graduates of the Flex-Path MBA program at Capella University.  Terrilynn is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) at Walden University.

Senior Assistant

Her passion for business has transcended from large corporations to the private sector.  She has worked companies such as Maryland Child Care (MCC), the University of Maryland Hospital, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Georgia Power, UPS, and Kimberly Clark Corporation (KCC).


Toastmasters International Speech Contest First Place Winner

As a Triple Crown speaker, Toastmasters International has recognized TerriLynn Phillips as an Advanced Communicator.   She is noted for her Diva flare and heartfelt messages.

Triple Crown Advance Communicator

She now trains groups of Entrepreneurs from the stage.  TerriLynn has spoken to diverse business owners on topics such as Financial Funding, Business Planning, and Self-Motivation. Her topics also include Business Strategy, Critical Thinking, Shoestring Strategies, How to Dream Big, Life Balance, Goal Setting, Target Marketing, and Sales and Marketing Automation.


She has been jotting down suggestions, systems, and faqs for years.  They have become workbooks and manuals for Entrepreneurs.

TerriLynn is experienced, dedicated, and dependable.  Choose TerriLynn Phillips to assist you with:

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