TerriLynn Phillips, CVA, MLC, MBA, TCC

Certified Virtual Assistant, FA

Master Life Coach, AUNLP
(American Union of Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Master Business Administration (MBA), Capella University

Triple Crown Communicator, Toastmasters International

“Creative Clarity for Challenging Chaos”

Stepping from behind the curtain, Terri now shares over three decades of Business Consulting experience from the stage.

From her new how-to manual: “Automated Coaching for the Busy Entrepreneur,” she goes into details about how to take your business from a hobby to  profit with topics such as:

How to Strategize for Success

How to Get Customers That Buy, and

How to Create Products that Sell

Exciting Testimonials

“Terri shares clear, relevant business strategies that resonate with me.”  – Sharon Angleton

“I got so much great information that I could actually use for my business.”  – Karen Sherman

“It was so exciting to know that I could actually have a great business and a happy family by using the strategies that Terri shared.”  -Philip Stanbeck

And more…….

Where Am I Speaking:

Triple Crown Advance Communicator
Triple Crown Advance Communicator

First Place International Contest Winner

Deep Dives with Divas TV Series
Deep Dives With Divas TV for Entrepreneurs

On the TV Series, Deep Dives With Divas, every first Friday of the month.

For Speaking Engagements

P: 404-272-0069: E: tlynnphillips57@gmail.com

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