During this engaging presentation, Terrilynn shares 3 principles from her latest book, “Success Strategies.” These principles will show you how to take back your control to get the success you want, need, and deserve!

Terrilynn will be covering how to:

  • Eliminate Overwhelm – through acquiring resources that assist with obstacles. – Carlton Brown the owner of Occasional Occasions Catering, had a struggling part-time catering business with under $60,000 in revenue less than 3 years ago. We work together to keep systems in place that allowed him to delegate responsibilities effectively.  That allowed him to do the part of his business he enjoyed, catering.  In 2019 his revenue grossed over $140,000.
  • Eliminate Entrepreneurial Chase – by systematizing tasks that will eliminate too much to handle.  – Krystle Rodriquez owns Hodgepodge Coffeehouse and Art Gallery in Atlanta.  When she started with me she was barely managing one location.  While working with me, we created systems that allowed her to manage her administrative tasks.  Last year she acquired two additional locations.
  • Eliminate Lack of Growth – Save time and stop interruptions with follow-up systems that work! Lorna Rasmussen, best selling author and Legal Shield representative, was trying to decide whether to give up her business when she started with me.  She had the same situation that many business owners with growing pains experience: they can no longer can do it alone but they do not enough revenue to hire a staff member.  We have only worked together since January 2020.  Her opportunities increased 85% by March 2020.

The Impact that Terrilynn Makes

Terrilynn Phillips is collaborating with business owners who want to grow beyond being a solo entrepreneur. A highly sought-after assistant for more than four decades, her unique experiences guide entrepreneurs to create successful strategies that take them from an idea to a dream come true.

She is the Chief Fortitude Officer of SWF Consulting, Inc., an international business service, that teaches success strategies to build, expand, and be profitable in business.  SWF Consulting offers online and on-site services, and training.

Toastmasters International Club NBBA First Place Speech Contest winner, Terrilynn, has presented to many entrepreneurs, sharing the success strategies that increase revenue, while saving time and money.  She supports solo entrepreneurs, as well as large companies such as Greenville Health Systems, Hewlett-Packard, UPS and Kimberly-Clark.

Stepping from behind the curtain, Terri now shares over four decades of Business Consulting experience from the stage.

From her new how-to manual: Automated Coaching for the Busy Entrepreneur,” she goes into details about how to take your business from a hobby to profit with topics such as:

“Success Strategies”

“Getting Customers That Buy”

“Products that Sell”

“Creative Clarity for Challenging Chaos”

Exciting Testimonials

“Terri shares clear, relevant business strategies that resonate with me.”  – Sharon Angleton

“I got so much great information that I could actually use for my business.”  – Karen Sherman

“It was so exciting to know that I could actually have a great business and a happy family by using the strategies that Terri shared.”  -Philip Stanbeck

And more…….

For Speaking Engagements:

P: 404-272-0069: E: terri@swfconsulting.com

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