Terri HolleyWhat is Virtual Assistance (VA)?  

A virtual assistant is a person that helps you with secretarial tasks without being in your office.  They help entrepreneurs, as well as large companies.  In today’s mobile world, a VA is where you are.  You can contact them through social media, online chat, email, text, internet, and by phone.  No more do you have to have office space to get assistance.  No more do you have to be responsible for time clocks, wages, or benefits of a secretary.  Virtual Assistance pay is negotiable.  It depends on your turnaround time and tasks.  The best thing about a VA is that they customize their services to meet your needs.

Now let me tell you how I am different.  

  • I bundle services by providing a choice of services in a one price per month fee.
  • If you need one services or ten services, we consult to fit them into one price point.
  • There is a price point that is affordable, comfortable, and provides value.

It took a few decades but now the monthly services can include, for example, sales and marketing automation, content writing, and business consulting, all wrapped up in one price (starting at $597 a month)

The starter fee helps us get to know one another.  Click here for current promotion.

You don’t know me or have never worked with me, then it’s safe to say you don’t know how to use me, my skills, my talents, or my education.  It helps you get as much off of your plate as possible without having to worry about what the price will be hourly, daily, or per project.  After 90 days if needed, the work is reevaluated, for price modification.

Below is a list of many of the things that need to be done on a regular basis.  Although some of the things listed below require an expert in the field (extra fee), most of the list is included in the monthly fee.

By now you may be wondering how I can service so many people all by myself.  There is no way I could perform all of the tasks by myself.  That is why I have hung on to relevant co-workers for years.  We all got downsized at the same time and took our services to the street. Now I have qualified partners to serve us.

To contact us today, send an email to tlynnphillips57@gmail.com with your requests (subject line: va request).

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Potential Work To Delegate

 _Calendar/Schedule Management

 _Proofreading, Editing & Formatting

 _Data Entry

 _Research

 _Customer Service

 _Online Competitive Analysis

 _Real Estate Admin Assistance

 _Voicemail (Vacation) Management

 _Database Management

 _PowerPoint Presentations

 _E-Book format

Expert Services

 _ Customer and Automation Setup and/or Management – Expert

 _Blog Set Up and Management – Expert

 _Internet Marketing – Expert

 _Newsletter Set Up & Management – ExpertThings To Do

_Website Creation and  Management – Expert

 _Graphic Design – Expert

 _1ShoppingCart Set Up and Management – Expert

 _Amazon Associates Account Set Up – Expert

 _Event/Meeting Planning

 _QuickBooks/Bookkeeping – Expert

 _Teleseminar Co-Hosting – Expert

 _Dictation/Transcription Service – Expert

 _Payroll and HR – Expert

 _Video Marketing – Expert

 _Social Media Set Up and Management – Expert

Send an email to tlynnphillps57@gmail.com, with your requests or click here

For more details on VA’s get this free pdf