Sahar Nafal on C.H.A.O.S.

Meet Sahar Nafal FOUNDER OF THE SOULFUL LEADER COMMUNITY. She is a transformation leader, mentor, storyteller, and speaker for conscious women and entrepreneurs who are creating change in the world. Sahar has a unique methodology when guiding women to be visible, be seen, and be heard, by their communities through their authentic aligned Leadership. Her exceptional approach to business and life is at the heart of her dynamic style of guiding thousands of women through education, and adversity. Sahar believes that as women, we need to come together, in authentic ways, channel our energy, share our stories, and heal as a collective. Sahar Nafal was named Woman-Owned Business of the Year by Women’s Initiative for Self-Employment, featured in the Wall Street Journal, and awarded “Women of Legacy Award” by Powerful Women International. Her story starts with: How she went from living on the Dark Side of Life in an abusive marriage. Getting a divorce and losing everything to creating a successful business by supporting thousands of women and showing them how to step into their greatness.

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