Perfection Is a Death Sentence

Perfection Is a Death Sentence

by Terri Holley, Master Life Coach

          This is one of my favorite quotes. I originally created it to remind myself to control my OCD, instead of it controlling me. As a child I spent most of my childhood alone. My parents either worked two jobs or had social obligations. Being alone in the house gave me the opportunity to have it neat, clean and orderly.

Perfectly strategizing

My OCD became a problem when I had a family of my own. I spent too much time figuring out how to get the family to keep the house OCD neat, clean and orderly. That anxiety caused me to be verbally abusive to my family. It also kept us from using our time to make additional pleasant memories.

I was always exhausted, frustrated, and depressed. It wasn’t until a trauma happened in our family that sent the whole family to counseling, that I learned that my anxiety with perfection could kill me. It would send me into suicide depression. It would run my blood pressure up. It would cause me to withdraw from family and friends. Through counseling, I learned to let go.

I learned that not even God stressed about perfection, as we define it. I began to look around me and notice that none of God’s creations were identical, neat, or organized. Things were imperfectly perfect. I have begun to acknowledge the imperfection in life and love it.

Be real, be you, perfectly imperfect.

Leaving things imperfectly done, gives me more time to reap the benefits of opportunities, that I missed out on in the past. I now have more time to laugh, learn and play. I have more time to make pleasant memories. I no longer wait for the perfect moment, time, place, or thing. I enjoy the now, just the way it is, imperfectly perfect.  Don’t die wishing that you had done so many things perfectly. Do them the moment the opportunity presents itself, perfectly imperfect.

Don’t die perfect. Live imperfectly.