Overwhelmed?    Frustrated?     Can’t do it alone?

If you have a business and/or a family.  We work with you.

You have grief with them both but you really would like for them to be a cohesive package.

That’s what we do.  We guide you to a fulfilled self, joyful family life and awesomely successful business.

This is not a cookie cutter coaching package.  Your uniqueness is what we use to get you there.

This is an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking a way to conquer chaos in their life.  With hundreds of coaches to choose from, we has a proven track record that reinforces the value of working with a professional coach on an ongoing basis, to improve business and enhances quality of life.

Like all great success stories, the owner, TerriLynn Phillips, started off with a vision to offer complete business programs and to provide a more resourceful working relationship with clients. There are now a variety of services available.  The services will continue to grow to align with client needs.

You will not find a mission or vision statement on this website.  We believe like Google believes “Focus on the user and all else will follow.”  Our vision is clear, the client comes first.   For us the most important vision is the client’s vision. We concentrate on your path to success. We believe by helping the client to clear a path for greatness, our bottom line will take care of itself.  Fulfilled, joyous and satisfied customers will coach with us repeatedly. We want to develop a relationship with our clients, to enhance their future, every step of the way.

Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries. The most profitable entrepreneurs understand that they cannot do it all alone. Because parentpreneurs make up 85% of the entrepreneurial industry, we are laser-focused on coaching them to cultivate, develop, and foster long-lasting relationships with their family, as well as their clients. This insures that they are passionate in who they are, what they do, and how they do it. Passionate clarity emulates our values.

Core Values

Our core values define what we bring to the table for our clients:

  1. Inspire happiness

    core values #swf
    core values #swf
  2. Develop determination

  3. Take ownership

  4. Be nimble and decisive

  5. Instill confidence

  6. Be humble

  7. Embrace, encourage and drive change

  8. Cultivate a positive work and family culture

  9. Exceed the client’s expectations

  10. Communicate clearly and honestly


One-on-one coaching is provided with a certified master life coach, who is educated, a veteran parent, as well as a  successful business owner.  Customized programs that meet the needs of an individual situations are available.  You can get started or you can procrastinate.  You can began to get rid of confusion, frustration, and overwhelming situations.  Just click the start now button below.  We can get started right away with a free coaching session.

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Can you afford to hesitate?

Is your business strangling your life?

Is the balancing act stressing you out?

Are you overwhelmed, confused, and ready to give up?

Don’t give up. Not before you get your free coaching session.

You really can have a life full of joy, fulfillment and satisfaction.

We will work with you to gain the life you deserve.

You don’t have to suffer another moment. You can try before you buy.

Don’t wait; let’s get started right away.

Get your free coaching session now (for a limited time).

Space is running out….

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If you have questions you can contact me directly.

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