Mila Johansen, Lights, Camera, Action!

Mila Johansen hung around with stars as a young girl. Following in her grandmother’s footsteps, Mila became a professional speaker, writer, published author and teacher. She talks about her friendship with Jane Fonda’s daughter,

She has authored twenty-two plays and musicals that circle the globe, along with two teaching manuals, 101 Theatre Games and 50 Scenes to Go.

She has written just under ten screenplays and enjoys the process. Mila has one Young Adult historical novel, The Four Thieves, finished and ready to publish, along with several children’s picture books. She also has three provocative upmarket women’s fiction novels almost completed.

Mila also teaches social media, screenwriting, creative writing, public speaking and herbology at a local adult education school.

Mila recently completed a book about her famous suffragette grandmother, Jessie Haver Butler, for the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote in August, 2020.

She has a new book coming out—21 Surprising Tips to Promote Your Book. She loves giving people permission to write their Short Book and teaches them how to do it. The Short Book can be used by entrepreneurs to become the expert in their field, to be a calling card or the outline for a longer book.

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Her new 6-week program From Pen to Published provides the nuts and bolts of writing and publishing for entrepreneurs and writers.

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