Malini Sarma, the host of Gladiatrix

Malini Sarma

Malini Sarma is the host of Gladiatrix.  It is about women gladiatrix, which is women warriors who have won over their trials and tribulations to get past their fears and chase their dreams.   These women are strong despite being told that they are not. 

Malini was raised born and brought up in India.  She came to the United States over 30 years ago to do her master’s degree.  Malini was already married because no self-respecting parent would ever let their young daughter leave the house, forget the country, all by themselves.  When she came to this country, she was miserable because she knew no one.  She did not know the culture.  She was married but had no idea how to live with a man because She had never left her father’s house.  Her marriage was kind of arranged because the family knew one another, but other than that there was nothing else to tie them together.  Once she came to this country it was more about survive, with a new country and a new man.  At that time, she could not even cook.  When she saw an electric stove, she said to herself, “what the heck is this!” It was rough!  She cried every single day for an entire year.  Fast forward 30 some years, and she is married with two grown children, and podcasting to tell the stories of women just like her, who have successfully conquered their trials and tribulations, no matter the situation. 

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