I Had To Let Go


I had to let go of a ten year relationship. 

Ten years ago I entered into a relationship that promised me clear communication, timely support, and many benefits.  My new partner shared everything. It was a wonderful beginning and the most satisfying relationship I had experienced in many years.  I was content and I was committed. 

Then one day, out of nowhere, I was blindsided.  One by one, promises my partner made were broken.  Imagine my surprise when people appeared who had recently shared my experiences and proved they had their own relationship with my partner!  The level of devastation and disloyalty I felt as I listened to their accounts of my story was tremendous.  Some told me that I was supposed to accept this treatment. “That my relationship was destined to end up soiled by dishonesty and deceit!  That this was the way it always happened.”  It was as if everyone who knew my story had been an intimate part of my relationship.

At first anytime I tried to talk about the problems that began showing themselves in the relationship, I was rewarded with a little more attention, better communication and support.  My partner would beg for my patience and dangle bribes and other carrots.  My partner called me frequently and I was eager to answer and work on our differences. 

You see I do not think a relationship can grow without a solid foundation of honesty, integrity, and two-way communication. I enjoyed those benefits for a while but then, communication would become strained again.  I don’t know about you, but I dislike my calls not being answered.  I take time out of my day to dial a number and get NOTHING!   I don’t think so!  You would think after 10 years, I would get used to it, but yesterday was it.  I could not take it one more day. 

Yesterday, I said good-bye.  My partner actually seemed surprised that I wanted to leave.  So I explained to them ‘again’ things they had already been noted.  I had been complaining about the lack of clear communication and dishonesty, for years.  My partner tried again to distract me and offered other supposed beneficial reasons to stay. This time around, I declined.  I told my partner that this was it, I was finished and that this was my final good-bye. 

Bye, bye T-Mobile,bye, bye.

Bye Bye T-Mobile