Journey to Inner Peace

Last night I attended a wonderful mastermind group. The speaker was excellent. She spoke about the difference between intuition and ego. I found it interesting that they sound alike but feel different. She said (not her exact words) that ego is the noise in your head. It tells you whether you can or cannot do, say, or feel a certain thing. Intuition is a quiet certainty that confirms something. Neither is bad or good. Both have their place and utilizations in life. It seems that they can both live in the same space at the same time.
The joy of Intuition
The joy of Intuition
I went to sleep testing whether I could tell the difference. Needless to say, I need to do some additional testing. I would really like to be able to recognize them at their immediate onset. I do know that intuition brings me a calm, peaceful internal environment. It happens during my meditation. It happens during my dentist appointments. I use a breathing technique that I learned in childbirth class. Even though I learned it three decades ago, I still use it for tolerating temper tantrums (not just for children, lol), urgent decision-making, out-of-hand situations, and bringing me back to my confident space. This is the space where I am assured “That this too shall pass.”
Do you know the difference between your intuition and ego? How do you tell?
Comment below, I am curious to see if I am alone in the journey to peaceful inners.