Her Book Title: God promised me wings to fly: there’s life after Suicide

From the Author

In 2008 I wrote a book entitled “My Victory Journal.”  I moved to Viera, FL in 2014 to semi-retire, play golf and write books.  I put off publishing my book because I felt that the victories that I conquered were good, but not great.  I felt that I needed to accomplish more goals before I could advise others to do the same.  In September 2017, I found an amazing marketing and publishing company that would assist me in publishing my book.  My first coach, Barb Early asked me why I wrote the book.  I gave her an answer that she did not like twice.  The third time she asked me, she asked in a very loud voice.  I replied “I want people to know that there is life after suicide.” Barb replied:  “That’s the title of your book.”  I asked:  “What book?”  Barb replied:  “The book you are going t write.”  I asked:  “What about my other book?’ Barb said that I will also publish that book.  “My Victory Journal” will be published in 2019.  It will be a self-help journal where you will write directly to God and “Yes,” sometimes God will write back to you.  I have shared much of my newfound wisdom with you in this book and look forward to sharing more in my next book.  There you will discover your own wings to fly . . .

From the Inside Flap

Author, Janet Grillo, like many of us, seeks to achieve success by helping others.  She has become a BFF (in today’s terminology) to God by sharing her joys and sorrows while asking for strength to rebuild her broken life.

Janet’s life changed dramatically when she turned her life over to God.  She did not see a plan for her future and asked God to give her something to be passionate about.  In one of the letters that God wrote to Janet, He told her that together they would write a book.  A book that would be a great success for Janet, but a greater success for the millions of lives that she will help change by helping people get closer to God.

God said that He would put the right people in Janet’s life for her to meet so that her book can be marketed properly, and the entire world will know about it.

God said in His letter:  “You and I both know that ‘With Me,’ all is wonderful.  ‘Without Me,’ life can be hell.”  God also said:  “The only way to keep the devil out of your life is to be closer to Me.  I will protect all and especially protect all who come to Me for help and seek My guidance.”

From the Back Cover

Healing after the tragic loss of a loved one does not happen overnight.  We are devastated beyond our wildest imagination.  Within our own minds and body, we are nowhere to be found.  We have so many internal questions, yet we do not know the questions to voice.  Instead we fold within ourselves and pray to God to help us through our pain.  Sometimes we wonder if God truly exists.

Janet Grillo’s husband died tragically on December 13, 2001.  She questioned whether his death was a suicide, assisted suicide, suggested suicide or murder.  After his death, she discovered that he was part of an organized crime ring.  Mafia?

“God Promised Me Wings to Fly” is an amazing story about a woman who felt that she was living the perfect life and discovered that her entire marriage was a lie.  Janet searched deep within herself to find the strength to rebuild her life as she searched for answers about her husband’s death.

She looked many places for answers including psychic mediums.  Janet soon realized that her best comfort was found writing in a journal to God.  One day she asked God to write back to her.  She did not know if her request was crazy or profound.  

Janet was amazed that God spoke to her through her heart, her hand, and her soul.  She turned to God for strength, love, and guidance and soon realized that she could not repair herself on her own.  Read her letters in this book.

In this book, you will read about a woman who raised herself from a fetal position after her husband’s death to becoming a woman of strength who is determined to make a difference in the lives of others.

About the Author

Janet Grillo lived in Wilmington, DE her entire life and moved to Viera, FL in 2014.  She has four sisters, a daughter and one granddaughter.  She married at a very young age, divorced, and met a man that she fell madly in love with.  He died tragically on December 13, 2001.  After his death she discovered that he was not the knight in shining armor that he pretended to be.  She discovered that he was leading a double life and was involved with members of an organized crime ring.  Mafia?

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