Hurry * Pivot * Breathe

COVID-19 has us discombobulated, distressed, and mentally chaotic. We need to hurry up and find a cure, vaccine, something!!! While we pivot, run, and mask our breathing.

I see all the posts going up about learning to do business virtually. Over the last month, I have attended more meetings than in my whole career. It’s all changed and I like it. We meet online, we party, we network online and we can do it all in our PJ bottoms. I do miss face-to-face interaction but not much. As a virtual worker bee, my happy place was my office.

I got a Facebook message that indicated all the great ways our life has changed. Unfortunately, we have lost some soldiers to this chemical warfare. Thank goodness it has slowed down…I think! It’s hard to keep up.

Some of the things mentioned as positive to this craziness is less traffic, hence, less pollution. Prices going down, prayers going up, we get to spend more time with our loved ones. Is that really a good one, huh! Anyway, we get to spend more time with our children. The teachers get to spend less time with our children and less money out of their pockets to support our children. We get to slow down and pay attention. I hope that works out well. More time to exercise, more time to plan, shop, prep, and eat correctly. We should learn more appreciation for our loved ones, our health, and our blessing (keep counting). The country’s utilities, housing, credit card companies are giving us a sensible break, so we can wait for our small business loans, tax refunds, and stimulus checks to pay the bills, at least for a month!

All in all, please weigh your decisions carefully. The decision you make today will impact a community tomorrow. Stay distanced, stay safe, and stay healthy. It’s a hard job but we all need to do it. This is going to take a nation, working together, instead of a government telling us what to do.

You decide!