That’s How It Happens, Over and Over Again

That’s How It Happens, Over and Over Again

Check out what happened to Heidi.

A business associate, Heidi, enters my office with an arm full of cups. She begins a conversation about opportunities and me having my own business. She states that she doesn’t think that she has any skills that pecupsople would pay her for. I was so surprised to hear her say that because she is an administrative assistant. I told her “Because I have had a thriving Virtual Assistant (VA) business, I know that her skills are needed by many.”


She has a family member that is a VA and she wasn’t sure what she did as a VA. She had only heard the term that one time. Throughout the discussion of what a VA does, Heidi was surprised. She does exactly what her family VAmember does, except her family member does it from home and gets paid handsomely.

Our continued discussion explained how I became a business coach. I told her “that through all of the experience I acquired from serving my clients, I began to teach them on how to progress their success. My clients suggested I become a coach. I looked into it, took classes and received a Master Life Coach certification.

Heidi was surprised how transitions happen within transactions. She then remembered that she had taken a certification class for grant writing. A lightbulb went off in her head. She began to look starry-eyed as she began to dream of an opportunity as a grant writer.surprise

Now I was surprised. I asked her “why are you not a grant writer?” She proclaimed that she could not find any opportunities in the Greenville area.” I googled grant writing in Greenville, SC. What do you know, there was one opportunity available….and…wait for it…..the opportunity was with the company she is currently working for. The opportunity she was looking for was in her back yard.

And…that’s how it happens over and over again.

That’s why I love coaching. I share with people how to turn their dreams into a business, any dream, any business.

Here is Heidi’s testimonial, in her own words:

“As a contract Administrative Assistant, I support 3 teams. While I was not used to my full potential nor was I growing in that position, which I had told to my staffing company many times over several months, I met Terri who was the new team lead for my downstairs team. One icy afternoon, after praying to God, I brought Terri and her team some much needed cups that had been ordered, in the course of a couple of months getting to know Terri,  and her telling me her testimony. I was explaining to her that I had a certificate in grant writing; however I haven’t been able to utilize it. She googled Grant Writers for my area and a PT position pops up with the same staffing agency that I was using. Terri encouraged me to email my contact and ask to be an intern to gain experience.”

– Heidi Williams


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