Finally A Normal Day – A Virtual Assistant’s life

Finally A Normal Day – A Virtual Assistant’s Life

I refuse to put up full window curtains because I like to see the day arrive.  Although it takes me some time to talk myself into getting a wog (walk/jog) in, I pull myself out of bed and put on wogging clothes.  On the pavement I think about how I will serve my clients, as well as thinking about straightening out my feet, landing on the ball of my feet, and holding my stomach in.  1, 2, 3.1 miles are done.  Whatever I get in, I count it achieved.

I prepare a fulfilling breakfast and head to the office.  You guessed it, the office is a few steps from the kitchen, lol.  Even though it is a home office, I try to keep consistent hours.  Sometimes 8, 10 or 12 hours.  I take a nap when I know I need to work longer hours.  A nap is one of the perks of working for yourself.  Long hours is the perk for my clients.

I go through all of my emails and make a to-do list.  Who needs what and when.  I prioritize, implement and delegate, if needed.

Its what I do and what I love.

Today was a usual day, listening to my clients long list of to-dos, wishes and wants.  My mind instantly starts processing solutions to each and every one of them.  Today it took some research on CRMs, financial software, studying sales websites, learning more about a program that I am implementing and troubleshooting the programming in a cash register.

I made over 20 calls, updated over 10 spreadsheets, and emailed updates to my clients.  All the tasks get done in priority.  It feels great when I can stay on task.  It helps that I only answer my client’s phone calls when I am working.  I return voicemails in between tasks.  I believe in a quick response and great turnaround.

I only had to leave the office to visit the troubled cash register, run some errands, and back to the office.  It was a pleasant day.  I had 3 meals, 2 snacks, and lots of water….it was hot as he** outside.

As the day ended I contemplated the long holiday weekend.  I wondered if my clients would stop working and take a vacation for the weekend.  That reminded me, I needed to let my clients know that I may not be available this weekend.  I will be in the mountains.  You know you can never tell about the service out of the city.  Although we have Verizon and we haven’t been let down in almost two years.  Make no mistake, I WILL be checking email and voice mail, when I can.  After all I have to keep up my workaholic reputation, laugh out loud.  Have a happy Memorial day holiday.