I’ve Failed My Way to Success

If you have not failed, then you are not successful.

I find it concerning that people’s perception is that they have no choices about their situation.  When given a choice to choose success instead of failure, failure is chosen.  We have all failed, and failed and failed at something.  We have succeeded at many things, also.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could see clear of all the failures and choose success?

Failure to Success

We feel that it is easier to choose the path that is familiar, even when familiarly is not comfortable. We weigh our failures, instead of weighing our successes.  Isn’t amazing, that when asked to list our failures, we can make a long list off of the top of our heads, but hen asked to list our successes, we have to take time to think of them. We are the only species given the gift of analytics, yet we waste it.  No wonder it is said that we only use 10% of our brains capacity.  How do we change the way we think? Everything we need to be successful in life we learned in elementary school.  Change is made through consistency.  How did you learn to count, write, and read? We learned through habit-forming principles.  Stop being your own worst enemy.  Practice change.  Change your habits and change your life.  Success with Fortitude #swf



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