Is your action plan working?  Is your business going as you planned?  How many different things have you tried?  That is a serious situation with Entrepreneurs. We have so much “how-to” stimulation in our lives that we get discombobulated. Fortunately there is a resource to solve this issue. The resource is customized to fit your product and/or sevice. It instructs you to do business your way. I know you think this is a sells pitch. It is not. The resource that I am speaking of is your business plan. You know the one you did when you started business. If, you did not write a business plan, then you may lack focus and possibly business success. As fast as life progresses you need an anchor to keep you steady. That is the purpose of your business plan. Go dig it out and read it. It should remind you of why you got into business. It is your motivator. It should renew that action energy and return you to your path of success. So go ahead and dig it out. Cure discombobulation. Success with fortitude….your unique fortitude.