Deep Dives With Divas TV Show for Entrepreneurs

Deep Dives With Divas TV Show for Entrepreneurs

This show was created to showcase the fortitude it takes to become a successful Entrepreneur. Sometimes the very thing you see as a blessing becomes the thing that almost ruins you.

The shows guests will come from all walks of life, nationalities, genders, income levels, and family types. Most will be Parentpreneurs but there will be some exceptions. The guests’ businesses will be diverse. There will be serial entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial dreamers. There will also be entrepreneurs who have become established owners of business and are now making lots and lots of money.

Every guest story is important. That is why we are going to dive deep into the lives of our shows guests and get you inspired. We never know who that one person will be that gets you motivated. If this TV show accomplishes that, then it will be all worth it.

How the show came about

This show is a dream of mine. I have been contemplating doing it for years. I kept waiting for the right time. Then I heard a little voice inside me…no it was a huge voice, that said, Start Now!”

I made a phone call to a very dear friend who had the expertise to help with my vision and it all started happening. The adventure of being a TV Host began. I will share my adventure as we go along because ‘like most startup businesses’ it seems like a train wreck as it all comes together. Like I stated, if we can motivate entrepreneurs to success, it will be worth it.

The HostsDiva and Diamond

I am Diva. My daughter is Diamond.  She is my Virtual Assistant. I asked her to start working on tasks to develop the show. When she proclaimed that would like to be a show host with me, what could I say? You now have the entertainment and life inputs of two hosts. She is a Parentpreneur and has many stories to share. I am sure some of them involve me. We hope you’ll fine out stories to be entertaining and inspiring because we faced and overcame many challenges. I was a single parent who managed to grow a successful business throughout their lives.

The show premiers on January 1st at 8pm on MJTV Network.  Watch your inbox and social media for show guest lineup.   Our desire is to make this a valuable experience for you.  Please leave comments, so that we can make improvements for you.

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I’ve got to go, there is much to do, so until….keep diving