Make the money you want and do the things you love with the support of master life coach TerriLynn.

core values #swf
core values #swf


Tired, Frustrated, Confused, almost ready to give up????   DON’T!!!

I understand the challenge of running your own business.

I know how those challenges can overcome the joy of doing the business

Here is your chance to get customized coaching that will help you enjoy what you love.

I have been working with Entrepreneurs for over 30 years.  I have the experience and background to coach a Parentpreneur.  You haven’t already you can get my book for joining my email list.  In the book, I share with you how challenging it was for me to be successful.  I realize, now, that I had to take this road to be of benefit to you.  You have seen my experience.  You have experienced my skill set.

You can start right now to get the same success that my clients have received, just click here

Get what you need, when you need it  My Story

Unlimited emails – no set day or time, email whenever you have something on your mind
Weekly accountability phone calls
Resources that are tailored for your session – hundreds of resources
Links to the recorded session (for future reference)

At a price that’s right (payment plans available)

There are no set-up fees, registration fees, or activation fees.  Just like my coaching, my prices are straight forward:

Business Consulting                  $500 a month (3-month commitment, recommended)
Personal Coaching                  $500 a month (3-month commitment, recommended)
Power Coaching                       $800 a month (Both, business and personal coaching, 3-month commitment, recommended)

There are also individual packages available.

You can combine them or get coached on one at time.

Individual packages are $150 (per package):

  1. Objectivity training – Learn how to get clear on your decision quickly.

  2. Motivational pitfall sessions – Learn the secrets to staying motivated.

  3. Goal achievement transformation – Learn how to set goals that you can reach.

  4. Support Creation – Learn to create a support system that really supports YOU!

  5. Fortitude training – Learn the secrets to push through when you are thinking of giving up.

  6. Business Start-up – We work together to build your business foundation.

  7. Business Growth sessions –  We work together on your growing pains and preparedness.

  8. Funding source assessment – This is a detailed evaluation of your funding readiness and resources available for your business.

  9. Resource referrals – This will teach you how to build a referral resource that works without you!

  10. Accountability tracking – You will develop a creative way to keep track of your achievements and next steps.

Just like life, your coaching is customized to you and your business goals.

Get a 10% discount price for advance payments of three months or three packages at a time.

Once you purchase, I will call you so that you can get started right away.

Don’t wait, your success depends on you taking action now!