Do You Exercise Your Choices?

Do You Exercise Your Choices?

You do have choices, but do you exercise them enough?You have choices When I decided to find my community online, I thought about it this way:

I rationalized the it by saying out loud “I have choices to network inside of my local area but I like to network outside of my local area, also”.  Being a virtual assisting business consultant is what I love to do.  It is hard to part from my love, put on makeup, fix my hair and get dressed, to drive miles away from home. Thank goodness I get to visit with people that I love.  The downside is that it is always surrounded by food.  Food that I am not sure could hurt me (I have a lot of allergies.)  I still choose to do it, but rarely.” Rarely isn’t giving me the connections that I crave.  Therefore, I have decided to find some new friends online.


There is a really good friend that blogs all the time.  We enjoy our connections.  I have decided to find more friends through blogging.  Google search for Entrepreneurial blogs resulted in many interesting blogs. I marked my favorites.


The blog world of Penelope Trunk has turned out to be one of my favorites.  It is quirky, insightful, engaging and tremendously thought provoking. I love reading her blogs because she is not afraid to talk about the myths that we tell ourselves. For instance in her blogs about homeschooling she takes the approach that, like breastfeeding, any one can do it; contrary to what the majority of people lead us to believe.

I believe that to homeschool or breastfeed; like anything else; is your choice, but not because of your ability. Yes, it takes commitment and fortitude, but what doesn’t that is successful.

Change your excuses to action

We find excuses for everything that we don’t want to do. Yet, somehow we find the time, money, and inclination to do what we want to do. I listen to individuals contradict themselves all the time. In my business, I hear them say that they need my services, then tell me all the reasons why they don’t use my services. More times than not I hear later, that they really should have hired me, before the chaos took their business to the bottom of the barrel. This is one reason why my target market is Entrepreneurs that want me, not need me.

Tax Choices
Tax Choices

While you are making choices, check out my current promotion: getting your tax materials prepared for your accountant.

I hope in 2017 that you all make choices that you really want, instead of rationalizing its limits.  I’m wishing abundant prosperity for everyone.  Have a “Happy New Year!”