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Create Habits and Outstanding Success

This podcast was created to highlight experiences and resources that entrepreneurs use to create habits, eliminate overwhelm, and stop mental distractions so that you can create habits that save time and money, increase revenue, and outstanding success. ($29.97 value).

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America generates tons of paper per year.  Out of that, a very low percentage gets recycled, while the rest gets buried in landfills.  We have ­­­­­hundreds of landfills across America. With the current method of green paper processing and use of recyclable products to make paper, America still cuts down thousands of trees to produce one of our largest communication tools, paper. “Piles to Paperless” shares strategies to get your office from chaotic to organized, so that you can be more successful.

CHAOS – Episode Directory

Episode: 001 – Introduction to the Host and All about the Podcast

Episode: 002 – Kick Rocks – It’s an attitude, action, regret — maybe!

Episode 003 – Success Strategies – So that you can save time, save money, and increase your revenue