5 Ways to Loosen the Shackles of Time

5 Ways to Loosen the Shackles of Time

By Terri Holley, Master Life Coach




This was just New Year’s eve, when the bombs were bursting in air.  Oh yea, that was fireworks.  We were gathered in our festive locations to start the new possibilities of greatness.

We toasted, kissed, and danced to new resolutions and then……. we kissed again to Valentines’ Day.  The winter was a bit brutal and we cheered the short spring into summer.  The kids got out of school and we splashed our vacations into “back-to-school” time.

Just like that its September and we are thinking about Christmas because Halloween and Thanksgiving will fly by. It seems we are shackled to our lives as it passes us by, rapidly, with blurred visions of what happened yesterday.  Our kids are growning up or for people like me, its our grandchildren that we breath and miss a year of their life.  How do we deal with the roller coaster and the thoughts of missing out on life, as it whizzes past us.images

First, we breathe.  We take large, deep breathes.

Second. go shopping.  Go shopping with the mind-set that you will buy the most valuable tool that you have ever purchased in your life.  It will cost anywhere from hundrends of dollars to a dollar store price, but it will be well-worth it.  We are talking about purchasing a journal.  It’s not the price that matters but the commitment that you make to capture your life.  Your valuable life on paper.  You can use an electronic version but it will not bring you the same future happiness that a paper journal will bring.

Third, commit to write in it.  This is not a commitment to spend 15 minutes a day or getting up earlier every morning.  We have enough inconvenience in our lives.  This is a commitment to capture your most precious actions, memories, thoughts, situations, brain-storms, and plain ole’ randomness.  Now where do you get to be random anymore, except for random kindnesses.

Fourth, be randomly kind to yourself.  Once you finish writing all that negative energy in your journal praise yourself, for keeping to your commitment.  Yes, praise yourself and do it on paper, in your journal.

Fifth, finish your journal entry with gratitude.  “Count Your Blessings.”

Look around you and realize that through heart ache, heart break, disappointment, in sickness and in health, there is a countable number of things in your life to be grateful for.
Six, (I know it says five ways but you are now part of an upgrade, “6 Ways to Loosen the Shackles of Time”).  That’s how fast things change with time, so capture your memories now.

Number Six: Simply Smile

You have held on to your memories.  When you reread your journal, you will feel those same emotions that you wrote with.  You will have not only loosed the shackles of the bad times, you will renew the feeling of gratitude with a smile.

Fly with time and shine……


Coach Terri Holley,

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