3 Ways to Entrepreneurial Balance

By Terrilynn Phillips, CFO, SWF Consulting, Inc.

In one day I went from confused, overwhelmed, and guilty to clear, calm, and chaos free with balance.

Here’s how it happened:

At 6:45 am I got up, got dressed, woke the child up, got her dressed and sent her to brush her teeth. As I was rushing around, I felt so stressed. How was I going to get her fed and have her ready for the bus, when it came??? My stress turned into her stress, and by the time I got her to school, I felt guilty that I made her late and stressed. The day continued as I worked tirelessly to get my clients’ task done but in the middle of everything I got her off the bus at 2:30, did homework, made dinner, and let her watch cartoons. Several hours had passed, and I forgot to do a client’s project….ugh!! I was so confused, overwhelmed and guilty because I had let my client down. I thought to myself, there has to be a better way.

Do you every feel this way, like you just can’t get it all done? You are grateful to be working for yourself. You love your family…..but, it feels like chaos to have balance!!

Here are 3 things you can do to create some calmness:

  1. Make a list of the things you MUST get done. Categorize them according to:
    • Personal – doctor’s appointments, hair appointments, etc.
    • Business – making those 3 daily calls, bookkeeping, blogging, preparing for speaking engagement etc., and
    • Family – washing clothes, making lunch, school projects, etc.

2. Put them in a order based upon priority, but leave room for the other priorities to come (maybe skip a line in between)

3. Delegate as much as you can. This is an important step because many entrepreneurs feel like have to do it all done, which negates balance.

Here is how I transformed:

  1. I took my child to school, instead of putting her on the bus. That gave me an extra 20 minutes in the morning. We all know the value of 20 more minutes.
  2. I use white boards, the electronic reminders and notes on my iPad and iPhone, and the task list in Gmail, instead of paper, to keep a running list and less paper clutter. In addition, I can add alarms to the electronic reminders.
  3. I delegated a homework day to each family member available and asked them to babysit while I go to evening classes.

Voilà, now I have 20 more minutes in the morning and a happy child during the day. My work schedule is not interrupted and I get some exercise!! That’s a great balance for me.

Now it’s your turn. Transform your day from Chaotic to Calm! Feel balance in your day.