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Create Habits and Outstanding Success

This podcast was created to highlight experiences and resources that entrepreneurs use to eliminate overwhelm, and stop mental distractions so that you can create habits that save time and money, increase revenue, and outstanding success.

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Encouragement and motivation for anyone who is wanting more from life, relationships, and career!

CHAOS Episode Directory

Episode: 001 – Introduction to the Host and All about the Podcast

Episode: 002 – Kick Rocks – It’s an attitude, action, regret — maybe!

Episode 003 – Success Strategies – So that you can save time, save money, and increase your revenue

Episode 004 – AJ Austin – Triple Trauma to Sensational Success – There’s a message inside

Episode 005 – Laura J.K. Beers – The Motivational Medium

Episode 006 – Vismaya Rubin – The Gratitude GANGSTA

Episode 007 – Theresa Pantanella – Insightful Advertising

Episode 008 – Sahar Nafel – The Dark Side to The Bright Side

Episode 009 – Angel Marie Monachelli – The Master of Self Healing

Episode 010 – Madeline Faiella – No B.S., No Fluff Coaching

Episode 011 – Tamara L. Hunter – Cancer Survivor who created the Chemo Buddies for Life/Service Heros.

Episode 012 – Ronica Jackson – Strive 4 More – Chief Motivational Officer

013 – Krista Giannak – Wise Words That Matter – Blind And See Meaningful Words That Matter Most.

014 – Malini Sarma – Host of Gladiatrix – Women Warriors

015 – Mila Johansen- Lights, Camera, Action

016 – Laura Armstrong – 3X World Champion


Elizabeth Pampalone – Five Day Genius

Terri Lynn Watkins – SpinFrogs, Chief Idea Catcher, and Marketing Consulting.

Janet Grillo РAuthor, God promised me wings to fly: there’s life after Suicide

Robyn A. Christian – CEO/Founder – Anetrice House, LLC


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